Member Spotlight: Taxco Restaurant

Jesus Romero, owner of Taxco Restaurant Too moved from Mexico to Chicago when he was 17 and started working in Chicago at his Uncle’s original Taxco Restaurant. While he loved the atmosphere of Chicago, he chose Sycamore as a good location for his own restaurant. When he first built his restaurant in 1992, the building could only hold 60 people. Now, Jesus’ business has expanded to hold one of the largest tequila bars and has been rated one of the “Best Mexican Restaurants” in Chicago by Skyline Readers.

Whether you want real authentic Mexican cuisine such as their chicken tacos, rated best by the Chicago Tribune, their sweet Mexican coffee with hints of cinnamon, or a delicious margarita with a choice of 420 different kinds of tequila, there is something for everyone. Jesus’ has created a friendly atmosphere for his guests with an assortment of dishes for every taste bud.

Not only does Jesus run Taxco, he also contributes a great deal to the community through his annual Cinco de Mayo event.  Jesus wanted to create an event where families could enjoy food, drinks and fun activities, while helping donate to non-for-profit organizations. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Sycamore’s Cinco de Mayo, which has raised $95,000 to be donated to ABC Preschool, Big Brothers Big Sisters, DeKalb County Community Foundation and many more organizations.

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