Monkey Business at the Museum

Visit the Midwest Museum of Natural History on Sunday, February 21 for a lecture on primate evolution presented by Dr. Dan Gebo, PhD. The lecture begins at 3:00 pm and is free with museum admission.

While Charles Darwin’s work provided us with a framework to understand the tree of life, few fossil primates (let alone human ancestors) were known in Darwin’s lifetime. However, the 20th century changed all that! We now know that there are two major types of primates documented from the beginning of the early Eocene (55 million years ago): wet-nosed primates and dry-nosed primates. Dr. Gebo will discuss the origin of anthropoids (higher primates: monkeys, apes and humans) and the origin of primates as two significant evolutionary issues concerning primate evolution today.

Dr. Gebo is a paleontologist who specializes in the biological history of primates. He holds a Board of Trustee Professorship, as well as Distinguished Teaching and Research Professorships, at Northern Illinois University where he has worked in the Department of Anthropology for 22 years. The author of over 150 scientific papers, Gebo has conducted field research in North, South and Central America, Africa, and Asia, and is currently working in China on the origins of primates.

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