Supporting your local Businesses now means creating a prosperous future for all of us.

Click here for a list of businesses that are open and ready to serve you!

GIVE THE GIFT OF BUSINESS – If you typically frequent a business, buy a gift card that covers your usual patronage. Then spread out the use of the gift card over time. In addition, give one as a gift to someone that might not normally shop there.

KEEP YOUR SUBSCRIPTION/MEMBERSHIP – Many small businesses rely on your support to keep their doors open. If you have a subscription or membership to a gym, exercise class, music lessons, dance academy, etc. – pay and keep them current. Your subscription could save a business.

BUY NOW PICK UP LATER – If you planned on buying a manufactured product like a guitar, clothing, or specialized good – call instead and buy it, have them set it aside, and pick it up later. Shopping local businesses online is a great option as well.

ASK HOW YOU CAN HELP – If you know the owners or employees of a business personally, drop a line and ask them how you can help with ideas specific to their business.

MANAGE ANXIETY –  Concerns about COVID-19 are real. However, it is important to be measured in our concern and not let anxiety get the better of us and our decisions.

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